Gradient compression hosiery promotes better blood flow and helps prevent pooling of fluid in the body. Finding the right compression garment for you is a detailed process. We work with you and your doctor to find the best garment for your condition whether it be varicose veins, lymphatic edema, or chronic venous insufficiency.

Compression Garments

Jobst, Juzo, Sigvaris, Solaris, Circaid, LympheDIVA, and Soliedea are some of the compression garments we can fit you with.

  • Ready-to-wear compression garments are the first choice of treatment.
  • In some cases, an off-the-shelf garment will not work for you. We can custom measure and have garments made just for you.

Night Garments

Night garments such as Solaris Tribute lymph-edema garments provide unparalleled support while you sleep, helping you keep the gains you make during therapy, decreasing treatment time.

Compression Wraps

If you’re looking for an alternative to wearing compression garments, then you’re looking for the low-stretch medical binding from compression wraps. If you have trouble with elastic daywear or need a low-stretch option, compression wraps may be perfect for you.